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Virgin Coconut Oil

The trend of consuming healthier food has been a benefit to coconut and its derivatives. Although the biggest export market are still coconut oil and desiccated coconut, there are many kinds of Indonesian coconut products that has the potentials to supply the world needs. Here are some of the trending coconut products.

Virgin Coconut oil is made of pure fresh coconut. Not using copra (dried coconut flesh) as the raw material made VCO is highly nutritive, but at the same time higher production cost and higher price compared to refined coconut oil. VCO is used for healthy reason, for food production and as cosmetics. The coconut oil bad image because of the US negative campaign is slowly diminished, as it raised fame from early 2004 in Indonesia and the trend penetrated other producing countries like Philippines and India.

Import the fish canning form Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago with vast oceans that constitute nearly two-thirds of its total area. The contribution of the fsheries sector to Indonesia’s national GDP in 2016 was 2.3 per cent.1 The export values of Indonesian fsh and processed fsh products were US$2.9 billion and US$0.96 billion respectively in 2016, which represent compound annual growth rates of 3.5 per cent and 5.3 per cent over 2011.2 And exports from this sector could be an even greater source of economic activity in Indonesia.